Happy Single Awareness Day

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Here’s a list of the most charming pickup lines and / or things ever said to me on a 1st (and last) date:

♥ Hey, buddy! (or) Hey, bro! (or) Hey, man!

♥ Let’s sit here. I like being high profile.

♥ I talk to my mom on the phone at LEAST once a day.

♥ That guy over there is so hot.

♥ Have you ever considered Botox?

♥ Wow, you look really good for your age.

♥ You’re a Christian? That’s so cute!

♥ (Silence. The “You’ve been stood up” kind.)

♥ I’m married, but only so I could become legal.

♥ Let me know if you wanna grab coffee or some sex sometime.


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