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One of the best parts about moving across the country is that you are given permission to reinvent yourself. When I moved to LA, I knew about 10 people. Compare that to the number of people I’ve gotten to know living in the Midwest for 30 years! So in this new city, who am I, and who do I want to be?


We shove clichés down kids’ throats like it’s our job:


  1. Reach for the stars!
  2. Be the change you want to see in the world!
  3. Keep calm and __________!


And that’s great, but do we really mean them? I think what we usually mean is . . .


  1. Reach for the stars, but only when no one is looking because reaching for stars makes you look weird! And if your hand falls asleep when you’re reaching, just stop and settle for a boring job instead, but don’t stop bitching about how you never actually reached a star!
  2. Talk about change!
  3. Keep calm because being calm is a normal and acceptable emotion!


I know a lot of people who feel stuck. Stuck in a dead end job, a dead end relationship, a dead end life. Change sounds good on paper, but it rarely feels good when put into motion. People want change, but they don’t want change. Why is that?


Your body does not actually want change. It wants normal.


So let’s change that. First, let’s figure out exactly what change we want to make. Jen Sincero, author of You Are a Badass, provides a clear breakdown of how we can do just that:


  • Get crystal clear on what you desire to manifest.
  • See it, feel it, taste it, fall in love with it, believe it is already here.
  • Decide you will have it.
  • Inform The Universe of your intention by behaving and thinking as if you already have it.
  • Meditate, connect with infinite possibility, your intuition and Source Energy.
  • Take hell-bent joyful, passion-fueled action.
  • Be grateful that it’s yours, that it’s already here.
  • Breathe, let it go, let it in.


So? What do you want? If you haven’t said it out loud, you know what you need to do. If you feel ashamed to do so, that’s very telling of the negative impact our society has had on you. Break through that shame and do not let it hold you back! Don’t want to start by sharing your goals aloud with anyone? That’s ok. Start by writing them down. Jen the Badass would tell you to “Read Your Manifesto” . . .


Write down your goals and your vision of your ideal life in the present tense and be as specific as possible. Where do you live, who do you live with, what do you do for fun, who are you surrounded by, how much money do you make, how do you make it, how do you give back to the world, what are you wearing, etc. Make it so freaking awesome that you can’t read it without weeping and wailing and putting it down to compose yourself every few sentences. Read it to yourself before you go to bed and when you wake up every single solitary day. I am so not kidding over here. Become obsessed with it. Think about how you’re changing your life and who you’re becoming and be in a state of giddy expectation about it as often as possible. The more you focus on who you’re becoming, and the more emotional you can get about it, the faster you will become it.


You don’t have to move across the country to become the person you intend to be (or do you?), but taking these steps will surely help. (Yes they will, and don’t call me Shirley. Who can name that movie?!)


So who are you? Who do you want to be? Consider taking these 3 steps:


  1. Fall in love with who you are.
  2. Fall in love with who you want to be.
  3. Fully enjoy the journey between steps 1 and 2 by practicing staying present.


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